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Internet of things – What is it all about?

There is a lot of buzz these days about ‘Internet of things’. But just like other buzz words, it is probably not understood by a lot of people hearing it or even talking about it. Speaking of buzzwords, I had no idea about YOLO and Bae either until I googled them. But let’s not digress!


What is it?



“a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.”

Internet of things (IoT) is the network of things around us, which can communicate with each other. Let’s now break it up to understand it a bit better. Think of ‘Internet of things’ as an evolved form of the internet that we still perceive to be from the 90s concept of connecting to websites through our desktop machines. That is not the case, internet has evolved and we don’t even realize how many ‘things’ are already connected to it. Think of your mobile apps, apple watches, fitbits and smartTVs now hooked into it. But IoT is much more, it is literally all things. Let’s be more imaginative, washing machines, cars, plants, couch, bed and you know where I am going. To sum it up, imagine this – your plant tweets you a reminder to water it – based on an implanted sensor in its soil.




Just like any other tech opportunity such as internet, websites, mobile apps and cloud technologies, IoT is the next big economic opportunity of our times. With each era we saw companies use the opportunity, evolve and become the giants in their space. Here are some examples of companies who have used the opportunity and ran with it:

Internet and websites (the 90s era) – Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Paypal

Smartphones– Apple, Uber, Google, Samsung, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp

Cloud – Salesforce, Xero, Netflix, Atlassian

Think of IoT as the infrastructure. By providing such an infrastructure, we enable the next wave of technology to come through. Innovators will use this opportunity to create the products of future.

Do you have a great idea for internet of things? You could create the next big thing!




iot 50 billion 2

This is happening right now! As estimate by Cisco, 25 billion devices are connected to the internet right now in 2015. The future is even bigger with 50 billion devices expected to be connected by 2020. The current products in market include Nest security systems and smart fire alarms, Amazon echo, Apple TV, Tesla and Google self-driving cars. So this is happening now.




How you can get involved is by being innovative and think of ideas of how this network of things can be used to solve consumer problems. Think of how your car reporting a problem with the tire so you can avoid the flat tire on your way to work. The possibilities are endless and exciting. We see it as an extension of mobile apps as your phone becomes the integral part of these interactions. More on this topic as this area will continue fascinating us so stay tuned.

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