Frequently Asked Questions


The simple answer is how complex do you need your app to be?

It’s like buying a car. If you want a simple car to take you from A to B it won’t cost you as much as something more luxurious and full of different features and benefits.

The best part of what we do: we can build you a simple prototype and you can test it to decide if you want to build the full app or diversify your risk by presenting this prototype to other investors for further funding.

We are fully transparent in the way we operate and this is why our clients love us. If we give you an hourly rate and tell you how many hours it will take to build, we stick to it. Unlike other companies that will give you a lower hourly rate and then exaggerate the time taken to build your product.

The result is you get what you want at the price you have agreed. Seems like a simple and honest concept but that’s exactly the way we operate.

Each app is slightly different (just like each car) but to give you an idea we can build you a prototype app from $3,000. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


Idea Safety

Absolutely! The first step in our process is to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that legally secures the copyrights of your idea to ensure confidentiality, so you’re free to discuss it with us in as much detail as possible. The result is a full understanding of what you need which ensures we can build an app exactly the way you want it.

Product development

Basically, the quicker you ask a question the quicker you will get your answer. We pride ourselves on ‘speedy service’ and use state-of-the-art tools and channels to ensure your question is answered quickly by our team.
Simple. We know that you want your app quickly. But sometimes this may mean seeing a product or something more tangible to give you more of an idea of what you actually need. Instead of getting a detailed brief at the beginning, then charging you for every change you make after this brief, we get a basic brief from you and get feedback along the way at various points in the project.  By seeing the product alive, you may have more amazing ideas which we don’t want to miss, so we measure our success from your feedback and understanding of what you want. This process is more dynamic, enabling us to be more cost-effective through rapid development with fewer changes, while also ensuring high quality (based on your feedback). The end result is a product exactly how you envisioned, at a cost you expected in the timeframe you wanted.
We take pride in the quality of our work. Because we take it so seriously, we give you access to your product at every step of its development, so you can provide feedback or concerns to be incorporated straight away. You are in total control of your product easing your worries by leaving the technical development to our experts.
You can do this in many ways:
  1. Develop it yourself – Can be time-consuming and you might not be too good at it. It’s like trying to fill in for Roger Federer in the final of a grand slam. Unless you have the experience, you are taking a big risk and spectators (your customers) may not be forgiving.
  2. Develop it in-house – You can hire Designers, Developers, Testers, Project Managers and some more employees. Again, this is time-consuming and is not agile. Unless you have another project, once the app is developed, you will have too many people on your payroll every month before the product starts making some money.
  3. Develop it through a software house – This is the most agile approach since you pay for the technical development of your idea, with no ‘excess baggage’ after the product is complete. Basically, you worry about the business and the technical experts worry about converting your vision into a tangible product.